Warner Bros. to Remake Point Break?

//Warner Bros. to Remake Point Break?

This is kinda like Andy Warhol re-painting the Sistine Chapel. Some things are perfect as they are. And therefore, let them age gracefully.

Rumors have swirled for years about a Point Break sequel, and the casting had already been done, shortly before the financial crisis of 2008. Back then, the sequel was going to be called Point Break: Indo, the premiss being that a gang of Ex-President wannabes, called the Bush Administration, was tearing up the South Pacific. And Patrick Swayze, aka Bodhi, was to have a cameo.

Well, it’s 20 years later, and in keeping with a disturbing Hollywood trend of re-making stuff, Warner Bros wants to re-make the great Point Break.

For the few of us who are unfamiliar with the original, Point Break is a 1991 adventure movie, about surfers that robbed banks, starring Keanu Reeves and, of course, the late, great Patrick Swayze as Bodhi – a mystical guru who surfed, skydived, robbed banks and would do anything for a kick of adrenaline.

And a side note. Point Break is my favorite movie of all time. I named this blog after the central character. Even now, 20 years later, Point Break never fails to entertain and enlighten, with action, philosophy and a beautiful portrayal of fate.

Point Break changed my life.

In other words, Point Break is a classic. Without Patrick Swayze, it’s nothing. You wouldn’t re-paint the Mona Lisa. Warner Bros, please, PLEASE leave this amazing movie alone.

Only Patrick Swayze can ever, EVER play Bodhi

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