Is Vancouver the New Amsterdam?

//Is Vancouver the New Amsterdam?

I’m not a pot smoker, but when in Rome…or in the case of Amsterdam, you know what the tourists do. They go to a local, er, coffee store, buy a pre-rolled J and light that puppy up. Yours truly did that back in 1999 and spent the rest of the afternoon at the Bulldog cafe watching Michael Bay’s classic Armageddon with some really *mellow* dutch folks…let’s just say that the end of the world never felt so relaxed.

No more. In accordance with a right-wing movement in Holland – for better or worse – in 2013 in will be illegal for non-Dutch peoples to light up in Holland. And that includes Europe’s favorite vice sink. Ever wanted to smoke weed in Amsterdam? You’ve got less than nine months…

But before you run off to the hills and promptly light anything resembling a marijuana plant with your Bic lighter, a suggestion from those crazy off track folks at OffTrack Planet that Amsterdam’s heir apparent is already groomed and ready to toke off as the new it place to spark up in a cloud of pot smoke. Grab your nachos and leave your inhibitions at the front door folks. The new Amsterdam is none other than…Vancouver Canada!

Being a BC native, that doesn’t surprise me at all. There have been rumours of decriminalizing marijuana in Canada for years. Check out Off Track Planet’s reasoning why Vancouver is the definitive place to light up and check out.

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