Two Brits Kite Surf the English Channel

//Two Brits Kite Surf the English Channel

Most people either fly across the English Channel or do the chunnel in a high-speed Eurostar train. This is a video of two Britons, Wayne “Worsil” and Tom “Tiny Tops” who, like many Brits to each year, flew the distance from England to France. What’s different about these guys? They braved some seriously choppy waves and kite surfed the English Channel, for charity, and became the first to achieve that incredible feat.

Richard Branson is planning to do the same, on his 60th birthday. Cojones, Richard. Very cool.

By the way, this is officially post #100 at The Bodhi Tree – a blog dedicated to adventure travel, and living life with the just some of the adrenaline that coarsed through Bodhi in Point Break. I should stop livin in the 90’s I know…

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