They’re Calling it the Best BASE Jumping Video Ever

//They’re Calling it the Best BASE Jumping Video Ever

Tedd Rudd's swan song, Experience Freedom, is being called "The Best BASE Jumping Video Ever"

Bad news first: this video takes way too f%#$ing long to load.

Now the good news, wait for it to stream and you’ll see why it took so long. This video, of BASE jumper Tedd Rudd, and released by InfinityList, may very well provide you with a compelling reason to get up, leave your office job, buy a wing-suit and jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

There are tons of BASE jumping videos on the net. And while many of them are good, few are done with such artistry, and magic, as this, what some folks are calling “the best BASE jumping video ever”. Would I go that far? If not, then pretty darn close. This is one exhilarating video that captures the essence of life, of majesty, of all that’s amazing and worth living for. In short, it’s really f*#king cool. And the music rocks.

Sadly, it looks like the star of the film, Tedd Rudd, pulled a Point Break and recently died doing what he loved. Well you know what? For this amazing video, and the journey he straps us along for, I think it’s safe to say the guy lived a life that most of us can only dream about. Rest in Peace Tedd Rudd.

Are you ready for Experience Freeedom?

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