The Top Backpacking Destinations for 2012

//The Top Backpacking Destinations for 2012

We’re near that time folks, where old man 2011 gets old and gray and eventually croaks. And in his place, 2012, and the promise of another exciting year to cross stuff off your bucket list and venture forth across the globe. Yup, you know where I’m goin’ with this…Wondering where to travel? Cue the crazy cats at Off Track Planet, it’s their list of the Top Backpacking Destinations for 2012!

Partying, adventure, sweet foods, name your pleasure, there’s a little something for everyone on this list. True to form, Off Track Planet gets off that beaten path, mostly, with a list of places that most of us have only heard in passing…Cricova, Moldova, anyone? Just the same, some great ideas here for backpackers and like-minded adventurers to trek across this crazy old planet and do it up in style next year. My money’s on Croatia. Hurry up, it won’t be a secret much longer. And you know what the Mayans say…everything shuts down on December 12, 2012! Yikes, I better hurry up and drive a Ferrari while I still can…

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