This Might Be the Luckiest Snowboarder in History

//This Might Be the Luckiest Snowboarder in History

Luckiest_Snowboarder_EverThings generally don’t go well when a snowboarder runs into a snowplow half way down a run. Are we in agreement with that? Good, because that will help you appreciate how extraordinarily lucky this snowboarder is to still be with us.

Someone upstairs is clearly watching out for Martin Theoret.

The video, shot at Edelweiss Ski Resort in Quebec, shows snowboarder Martin Theoret tearing down a run at the resort on his trusty snowboard. He thinks he’s got the run all to himself because it’s roped off as he and his buddies do a build/test session. The camera is rolling, and his friends are at the bottom waiting for him to jump the ramp about halfway down.

But no one relayed that message to the snowcat’s driver, Matt Dubois, who can’t see the top of the run and thinks, like Theoret, he’s got the all-clear to plow up the mountain.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were looking at two parties blissfully unaware how close they are to an epic fail? For about two seconds, I’m sure Theoret had an Oh S**t! moment he’d prefer not to repeat.

Fortunately, the fight or flight response kicked in for Theoret, who chose flight – literally. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.

There have been suggestions that the video is fake. You’ll note that Theoret does not look back at the plow on landing. Also, his escape is so remarkable, you wonder if it’s not a little too perfect. For their part, both Theoret and Dubois claim it’s real – Theoret says he didn’t look back because he was in shock and because he thought Dubois was gonna turn around and go after him.

Theoret says he ended up off camera, landed on his face and just puked. I’d probably do that too.

Mental note. Never try to fight a snowplow. Choose flight instead.

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