The Gray Ghost Who Saves Lives

//The Gray Ghost Who Saves Lives

I’ve always had a soft spot for guardian angels and the thought that there’s a higher power out there that watches out for us when we least suspect it. Call it comforting, call it our existential need for mystery and belief that there’s life beyond death, and it has the capacity to love and protect. And in this case, it’s the Gray Man, of Pawley’s Island, South Carolina, who appears before an impending hurricane. If he appears to you, your house is spared. And then he’s gone.

I first saw this segment on Unsolved Mysteries back in the early 90’s, just after Hurricane Hugo. Our friend the Gray Ghost appeared to a nice couple walking along the beach, and despite the carnage that the storm brought on Pawley’s Island, their house was spared.

Who is the Gray Ghost of Pawley’s Island? Some say he’s the son of the original owner of the Pelican Inn. Most believe he was a young man about the wed the love of his life, who, in a bout of unbridled passion, fell off his horse while riding along the beach. Now he appears along that same stretch of sand, before an impending hurricane, and saves the lives of those who see him.

Cool story.

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