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snowboarder_fallsI have no idea how this is possible. I mean, dude, seriously, the laws of the universe would dictate that at least SOMETHING would stop this snowboarder from his epic trip the wrong way down Polar Peak mountain at Fernie BC.

But something is going on here. I really think this snowboarder opened a parallel universe for about 50 seconds in which everything that could go possibly wrong pretty much does, and somehow he manages to single-handedly fall down the entire mountain. Equipped with a GoPro to his head, of course.

We’re not laughing at you dude, we’re laughing with you. Well OK, we might be laughing a little bit, but it’s for a good cause – our utter amazement at how the hell this even happened.

Watch the complete video for maximum amazement.

In the end, the snowboarder was OK and stood up after his little drop – albeit with the full “Dude, are you OK?” from surprised onlookers. The video was posted two years ago, after which it’s been shared over 250 times at

With all that said, I think most of us can relate to this. We’ve all hit the slopes once or twice. My last foray on the slopes was years ago at Apex Alpine – also in BC, about 8 hours away from Fernie – during which I took more than a few spills. In fact, I think I had about 10 ‘mini’ versions of this down the Beginners slope alone. If I were in this guy’s shoes, I doubt I would have fared much better.

Just remember bud, success is getting up just one more time than you fall…

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