Skydiver Proposes During 10,000 Foot Freefall

//Skydiver Proposes During 10,000 Foot Freefall

Ultimate Marriage Proposal: Skydiver Pops The Question At 12,500ftThere is definitely a right way to propose and more than a few horror stories about proposals gone bad. Fortunately, 32 year old skydiver Brandon Strohben falls in the former category, with an agreement to take the plunge together while he and his fiancé, well, take the plunge together.

Gut flutters anyone? Um, yeah. Being a skydiver takes cojones on its own – something I still have not done to this day. But to do it while knowing you’re gonna pop the question to that leading lady in your life, to say nothing of recording it for posterity (and for voyeuristic purposes, come on, we’re in the GoPro age people!) takes a big-ole set of family jewels. But our hero passes muster, with an aptly timed ring during free fall together.

But enough ado. You’ll need to watch the video for full tears-of-joy jerkiness.

Truth be told, everything is not exactly as it seems. Reports have surfaced the ring that Strohben presents to his fiancé, 29 year old Nicole Nepomuceno, ain’t the real thing. There’s a real rock waiting for them both on terra firma. And the event actually took place last summer. The video emerged on GoPro’s YouTube channel in January.

Technicalities, though. We’ll forgive our skydiver stud Strohben for giving his lady a fake while freefalling at 10,000 feet. That’s not so conducive to passing a $3,000 diamond to another person now, is it? Beside, with the real jewel on the ground waiting for them, our man Strohben can do it properly on bended knee.

With all this said, my favorite part in this video is at exactly 1:00, when he pops the question and she gleefully realizes what’s going on. Then his simply cuts her loose and she breaks away.

Yup, good man, remember that – the temptation to do that again might come up from time to time :).

Awesome video and a great story

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