Some really encouraging news this week out of Toronto. Based in large part on the tireless efforts of Rob Stewart and the crew at United Conservationists, Toronto has now banned shark-fin soup and related products. Seems people are really starting to get the picture that we need to save sharks, and that, frankly, it just ain’t cool to catch a shark, chop its fins off and throw it back in the ocean to die a miserable death.

To be honest, without Rob’s eye-opening documentary, Sharkwater, I doubt little would’ve changed in the past five years. But it’s happening, folks. People are standing up and telling the world that we care about our oceans and we’re willing to fight for our planet. And the sharks that support it.

Rob, you’re a class act. Keep it up. Next stop, banning shark-fin soup in British Columbia. Then Canada.

Meanwhile, please have a mosey over to United Conservationists. Check them out, and get involved. As Rob says, “Let’s fight for our future.”