Shark Diver Chris Johnson Makes Inspirational Shark Video

//Shark Diver Chris Johnson Makes Inspirational Shark Video

There’s not much else to say about this video, of Chris Johnson, featured at the Shark Diver blog, other than this is what it’s all about.

I don’t know this guy. And from watching this video all you’ll really learn is that one day his girlfriend told him pretty much that it was over, and the guy was devastated. Something we can all relate to for sure. So he jumps on the plane to San Diego and films his journey along the Pacific to Isla De Guadalupe, where yours truly went shark diving back in 2007 (with the same company).

The funny thing is, this video isn’t about sharks at all, but it’s so well done, and it captures one reason why an intrepid soul went to the Pacific Ocean and find answers among the most beautiful creature on Earth. You’ll love when it appears.

Good on ya Chris Johnson.

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