Shark Attacks in Egypt Not Helping, it’s Shark Porn

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Sharks have their work cut out for them, thanks to Steven Spielberg’s Blockbuster JAWS. Every year, an estimated 100 Million sharks are slaughtered. Many of them are finned – their fins hacked off – and thrown back into the ocean to die a slow death. Now this week, several shark attacks in the Red Sea at an Egyptian diving resort have the world terrified, and the media captivated.

Unfortunately, this does not help the sharks, some species of which have been decimated by 90 per cent over the past 20 years. I feel that it is important to keep this in perspective when watching this news story. Yes, this is a tragic accident, and it sucks. And yes, you can bet your bottom dollar that the authorities will slaughter thousands of sharks in the Red Sea (although frankly, there aren’t thousands of sharks left anymore, that’s the problem), to find the one shark responsible for these attacks.

But the real tragedy here are the numbers that will become of this story. One shark killed one person. Now, millions of sharks, even more than before, which was already an astronomical and unsustainable number, will be slaughtered, to ease some rich tourists’ peace of mind. Here’s a news flash for these rich tourists, and the gawkers, and the authorities who are already slaughtering so many sharks because of this…sharks LIVE in the ocean…they, you know, like LIVE there. The ocean is their home. So when you go into their home – and how many billions of people go into the ocean each year, resulting in an estimated 10-15 human deaths a year, versus 100 million sharks butchered for no other reason than the fact that they exist, just deal with the fact that the ocean is home to many amazing, beautiful creatures. We live on a pretty amazing planet. Just out of curiousity, how many people die in car accidents each year? Bee stings? Hit by lightning? Multiple times more than are attacked by sharks

When watching this story, I beg you, please, PLEASE, think about this. Sharks are not our enemy. Our world would be empty without them. And that, unfortunately, is a very real threat that we face.

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