Sarah Outen: Girl-Powered Across Oceans and Continents

//Sarah Outen: Girl-Powered Across Oceans and Continents

An inspiring look at a young British woman intent on circling the globe on her own power. That’s by kayak, row boat, bicycle and good ole’ fashioned foot power.

As The Adventure Blog reported in April, Sarah Outen, having just rowed across the Indian Ocean, set out down the Thames River and across the English Channel. From their she cycled across the vast regions of Europe and Asia. And she’s just recently achieved a major milestone. After months of cycling, she’s crossed the largest land mass on Earth and reached Japan.

That would wipe most of us out, and Outen is doing some mild cycling in Japan and biding her time til Spring. At that time, she’ll row across the North Pacific to Vancouver (I’ll look out for you Sarah!), where she’ll once again trade her boat for a bike and cycle across Canada and the United States. From the East coast she’ll, like…duh!…row across the Atlantic, back up the Thames and back to her starting point. London to London, by way of Sarah Outen.

Sarah’s got a comprehensive website that chronicles her journeys and adventures across this planet we call Earth. I was particularly moved by some of her images, and the story of the captive bears. A heart-breaker, for sure, and a story (among many) that needs to be told.

Anyway, Sarah Outen, girl-powered across the planet, from London to London. Sarah, you’re an inspiration to us all. You’re half-way there. Stay the course.

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