Rock Climbing and Kayaking Will Get You “Lucky”

/Rock Climbing and Kayaking Will Get You “Lucky”

Thanks to the quick-witted and jovial chaps at for blogging about this. They’re talking about a list posted on MSN UK about the ten hobbies that are most likely to get you some attention from the opposite sex. It seems men just can’t say no to a woman who lists “dancing” or “yoga” as a pastime, while women just can’t get enough of a dude with a surfboard, climbing boots and/or kayak. And you thought firemen had all the luck! Insert smarmy comment here ->…………<-. Oh heck I’ll do it, next time you’re in the bar working your mojo, replace “Hi” with “Did I mention I have a kayak?” Better yet, have some lads help you carry it into the bar, slam it down on the dance floor, get in and grin with a thumbs up. You’re a master pick up artist!

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