Rest in Peace Paul Walker

//Rest in Peace Paul Walker

PaulWalkerEdit-1Fast and Furious star Paul Walker was a stud, not only for his appearances in that series that catapulted him to fame, but also for what he did for humanity and the planet we inhabit. You may not have known that he aspired to marine biology before he went down the acting path. And I really liked that Paul Walker and I have something else in common: he was passionate about great white sharks, having tagged several specimens at Isla de Guadalupe in 2009, in a documentary, Expedition Great White. He’s going to be missed by a lot of folks, and yet his legacy lives on in adventure-related films like Into the Blue and Eight Below.

If any good comes of this I hope it’s that folks stop glorifying street racing. Ironic, considering that this is an adventure travel blog, which thrives on adrenaline. But think about it – adventure sports like BASE Jumping and surfing are a celebration of life. They’re not about endangering other people, which, sadly, is what happens all too often when people put pedal to floor in a modified suicide machine. A little context. And unfortunately it cost Paul Walker his life.

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