Much Respect to Brandon Bonner, Skateboarder at Canadian Embassy

//Much Respect to Brandon Bonner, Skateboarder at Canadian Embassy

I’m not a skateboarder, but even I have to admit a sick trick when I see one. And an American skateboarder may have pulled off the Mt Everest of tricks in Washington DC lately: Brandon Bonner has the distinction of being the only person ever to jump the 21 steps of the Canadian Embassy in the American Capitol.

Much respect dude – WOW.

His Name is Brandon Bonner (AKA Boner)

Bonner was 19 when he did the jump in 2012 that many had tried but none had pulled off. Watch the video and you see why it’s so difficult – there are 21 stairs to clear, with a good two seconds of air time and roughly six metres to drop.

It’s both funny and cringe-worthy to see some of the estimated 30 other skateboarders who’ve tried the jump land with some epic fails. Dangerous too – embassy guards have called paramedics at least once when one guy’s knees gave out as he landed.

Just watch this video of Jason Choi trying the feat and you see how Brandon Bonner has since become a legend among skateboarders across the planet.

Wouldn’t Do It Again…

Though it made him a legend, Bonner says he’s not keen to repeat the jump. It’s de-virginized for one. It’s one and done – it’s not like you can jump higher or set some other record that makes it more special.

Embassy staff try to discourage skateboarders from trying the jump too. It’s a liability issue, which is understandable, and they’ve since gated it off, though an Allen wrench comes in handy when guys get the itch to give it a go.

Still, it’s a special feat. Watch the video and you witness a little history, from the anticipation up top to the mid-air suspense. I love how he skates off triumphantly amidst cheers and hollers of those who where there.

Coming from a Canadian, I think it’s pretty awesome how this dude pulled off an epic skateboarding trick at the Canadian Embassy. Much respect to Brandon Bonner, who’s earned his place in skateboarding lore. Watch and enjoy!

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