Point Break is Back – and YOU Can Be Keanu!

//Point Break is Back – and YOU Can Be Keanu!

shapeimage_2I don’t think I’d be doing my job right if I didn’t mention something about Point Break Live. Dubbed the first “reality play”, it’s a satire on the best movie ever, performed live with a set cast in every role except Johnny Utah (Keanu for the few who’ve yet to see the movie), in which members of the audience ‘audition’ for that coveted role and win it if selected by fellow audience members. The pseudo-actor then performs Keanu’s role by reading cue cards delivered by a production assistant. Much carnage ensues, including bank robberies and meatball sandwiches.

One question though that I’ve yet to see answered…does Utah get to jump out of a perfectly good airplane without a chute?

Kidding aside, the show has generated plenty of buzz since its premier in Seattle back in 2003 and has spread across the U.S. with stops in Chicago, New York, San Francisco and even Louisville Kentucky (wouldn’t that be better suited to a ‘Field of Dreams’ reality play? The Louisville slugger…just sayin’).

But of course, if you’re a Point Break junkie like myself, it’s the show’s latest stop – where the movie takes place – in the City of Angels that stands the greatest chance of setting off a fifty year storm in your heart. And for that, check out PointBreakLA, because, let’s be honest here, the Swiss make watches, the French make wine and Italians make sports cars. Los Angeles makes Point Break…and who knows, catch PointBreakLA and you never know if an original cast member from the movie might pop by, like this 2009 video of Gary Busey (Keanu’s partner) who stops in for a little fun!

PS: Don’t remake Point Break. Don’t even think about it. Leave it the way it is: a masterful dance of fate and adrenaline.

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