No More Nessie?

//No More Nessie?

Has Nessie moved on to greener pastures?

Say it ain’t so! Apparently, recent sightings of the world’s most beloved monster, er, excuse me, “evidence-challenged endangered species” have it an all-time low, with just one “credible” sighting of the Loch Ness Monster in 2009. Apparently she’s been just as elusive in the two years since this blog post at, and the Scots are worried. And considering that Nessie’s the original lake monster who paved the way for Ogopogo and company, this sucks all around.

Observers are at a loss to explain Nessie’s recent shyness, and they’ve noticed, even in the United States, where conservatives claim Nessie was a victim of Obama’s America-hating health care system. Liberals maintain she died of shame after repeated use of the word “monster”. Whatever your view, she’s hiding. Poor Nessie.

On the plus side, there’s always Mothman and bigfoot. And don’t forget Bunny Man. He’s pretty special.

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