New Yorkers Snowboard in Deserted Streets

//New Yorkers Snowboard in Deserted Streets

Leave it to those New Yorkers to not let the evil backhand of Mother Nature stop them from a little fun. The current blizzard has packed a wallop and shut down much of The Big Apple. A bad thing? Usually – but a few New Yorkers like YouTube sensation Casey Neistat don’t let snow ruin their good times.

Just the opposite – they’re snowboarding through the snow-filled city, amidst the hoots, hollers and even the amused approval of the NYPD.

Someone from Queens once told me that New Yorkers have character. They either love you or they hate you, and they’ll say right to your face.

They seem to like these extreme dudes looking for a little fun in an otherwise miserable (and one of the five worst) blizzard, not unlike the Russians who surfed through the streets of Vladivostok during a typhoon last summer.

Start spreadin the news…Good on ya New York.

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