Kayaker Nearly Overturned by Blue Whale

//Kayaker Nearly Overturned by Blue Whale

There’s something about the waters of California that makes for some of the sickest, most incredible human/marine life interactions you could think of. As in, the kind that no one would believe, unless you had the video to prove it. In this case, the human is kayaker/diver Rick Coleman. And the creature? None other than the largest animal on the planet.

Coleman encountered several blue whales off Redondo Beach California, near San Diego. As fate had it, he had his handy underwater camera with him. When he saw a fifty foot blue whale he knew he was (almost literally) onto something really, really big. And he’s got some amazing video to prove it. At one point, you can see that the whale – the blue whale being the largest creature in the history of the Earth – come up underneath him and almost over turn his puny little kayak.

To quote Keanu Reeves from The Matrix…”WHOA”.

The encounter is not without controversy. At one point, Coleman left his kayak and took a dip with baby blue, leaving his wife anxious for him to resurface. And some feel that his actions, of paddling next to the blues as they fed, borders on harassment and violates several marine interaction regulations.

You could make that argument, though considering that his kayak had no motor, unlike some really pesky whale watchers here in the Pacific Northwest, and his actions had minimal impact on the whales’ behaviour, if at all. My thoughts? I’d probably crap my pants if I saw a blue whale surface by my kayak, and then admittedly to the same thing as Coleman! Not condoning getting so close to whales, but, OMG, enough said. Just watch this amazing video!!!

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