BASE Jump Burj Dubai (Khalifa)

/BASE Jump Burj Dubai (Khalifa)

Don’t try this at home boys and girls.  Last month, two skydivers, Omar Alhegalan and Nasser Al Neyadi, went beyond the insane and entered world record territory by jumping off the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa (formerly Burj Dubai).  But what good would a jump off the world’s tallest building be without making a movie of it on the way down?  That way, we can all share in the insanity, the motion sickness, the paralyzing fear of heights as Omar peeks over the top and hopefully shed our inhibitions, or last meal, as our two friends hurtle from 2205 feet, or roughly the CN Tower plus the Space Needle, at 137 miles an hour, and set a new BASE Jumping record in the process.  To Omar and Nasser, from me to you, you got cojones the size of bowling balls.  Warning: if you seriously don’t like heights, don’t watch this video.  If you don’t have a heart condition, you will very soon.  The video is below the two images.

A preoccupation with size. Hey, they just jumped off the world's tallest building, they're allowed to gloat!!

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