Is Hang-Gliding Safe?

//Is Hang-Gliding Safe?

Hang Gliding - the scenery, the adrenaline, risk of death and the undeniable urge to eat a memory stick...

When it rains it pours. And in the past week, two hang gliding accidents in BC have me scratching my head and wondering, is hang-gliding safe?

In the first incident, a women hang gliding in the Agassiz area wasn’t strapped in properly by her instructor, allegedly, and she fell to her death. Even stranger, the instructor was taken to the hospital where doctors, and the cops, are waiting for him to, er, *pass* the memory stick with key information.

Those crazy hang-gliding instructors, I tell ya…

In the second incident, less than three days later, a glider became stranded on a hill and had to be rescued. A little better than the whole death thing, but it kinda makes you wonder if hang-gliding is safe…

Think I’ll stick to shark diving 😉

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