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I thought I’d seen it all.  I’ve blogged about wing-suits, kissing sharks, glacier surfing and plenty other neat ways to get your rocks off.  But this one takes the cake.

I’ve only seen this attempted once before, in that 1991 classic Point Break, aka the best movie of all time.  Evidently Travis Pastrana felt a little boxed in with his life, and felt like taking a plane, quaffing a beer, and jumping out of said plane…without a parachute.

For all us adrenaline monkeys, Travis Pastrana, no matter what he does for the rest of his life, has achieved the level of steel cojones.  Brass balls.  But the best part?  He chugs a beer first.  Actually, I think it’s a Red Bull, but I’m pretending it’s a beer.

Travis Pastrana, you’re my new personal hero.

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