Great Whites Bring Tourists to Cape Cod

//Great Whites Bring Tourists to Cape Cod

Even great whites need a summer vacation

We’ve come a long way since 1975, when Chief Brody (AKA Roy Scheider), Steven Spielberg and the boys in JAWS started a trend off New England that led to a world-wide paranoia (and ultimately billions of sharks being killed). In that summer, beach-goers shunned beaches the world-over for fear that our finned-friends take them to dinner.Fast-forward 36 years, and the opposite is true. This week, three juvenile great whites have been spotted off Cape Cod. The difference this time? People flock to the beach to see these elusive creatures…and considering there are less than three thousand of them world-wide, making them more rare than tigers, people are stoked about sharks and hoping for a glimpse of these three great whites, vacationing off Chatham Massachusetts.

Even great whites like an exclusive summer vacation!

Really cool to see people enthusiastic about sharks too. This is progress. Anyway, enjoy the video!

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