Great White Shark Gives a Good Jolt in South Africa

//Great White Shark Gives a Good Jolt in South Africa

Watch the little fishies in this video. Now wait a little longer and…OMG!!! Where did that shark come from?? Great whites have this gift, of sneaking up when you least suspect it and make for some seriously great video. This clip took place in South Africa, filmed by one of several cage diving operations in that country, from what I can tell.

Nerve-wracking as this video might be to someone not expecting a great white shark to come out of nowhere, remember that we really, really need sharks, for our ecosystem, and ultimately for the health of the planet. Estimates suggest there are fewer than 3,000 great white sharks remaining, making them rarer than tigers. Admire them, yes. Respect them, always. Fear them? Never.

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