Felix Baumgartner Jumps From Space

//Felix Baumgartner Jumps From Space

After five years of planning, training, and summoning the biggest set of cojones on the planet, Felix Baumgarnter has jumped from space. And Roswell, New Mexico will go down in the record books for something other than little green men – it’s the place where fearless Felix set his two feet down on terra firma after a five minute free-fall from outer space, 24 miles up and above.

Data is still trickling in, but it’s believed that Felix broke the sound barrier on the way down, which would make him the first person in history to do so without an aircraft. Coincidentally, he jumped 65 years to the day that U.S. pilot Chuck Yeager became the first human to break the speed of sound (in an aircraft).

So to reiterate, the records set here. Baumgarter has now completed the highest skydive, ever. He’s travelled faster than anyone unassisted. And I think most of us would agree, he’s got the biggest set on the planet.

Awesome shit. Seriously. Felix Baumgartner is truly the man.

“Our guardian angel will take care of you,” said Joe Kittinger, who set the previous record jump way back in 1960. I’ve blogged about the comraderie between Felix and Kittinger before. Really touching to see one brave guy pass his torch to another.

Here’s the video of the jump, which attracted seven million viewers live on YouTube apparently. Pull up a chair – this is history in the making.

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