So you’re hooked on extreme sports and I can’t convince you not to try The Ozaki 8?

You can’t say I didn’t try. But hot dang it – you saw Point Break, loved those nifty wingsuit videos and you really, really want to give extreme sports a whirl.

My advice to you? Something about a cart and a horse. The Ozaki 8 would need you to be a poly extreme athlete, with the ability to kill it in several extreme sports…and of course, try not to cap out in the process.

If that’s the case, I have an option for you. Think sun, sand, surfing, and South Africa. I’ve teamed up with an extreme sports operator, called SaltyCrax, based in Cape Town, for an adventure travel tour that I strongly recommend.

A 7 Day Extreme Sports Package

You're not ready for The Ozaki 8 just yet, but you'll get some awesome skydiving on this tour. Photo Source:

You’re not ready for The Ozaki 8 just yet, but you’ll get some awesome skydiving on this tour. Photo Source:

Want to do the Ozaki 8? Why not learn extreme sports in the country (and city) where some guy called Jeb Corliss cut his teeth? You won’t be flying a wingsuit here. But you WILL skydive, learn to kite surf, go sand boarding and get some surfing in along the way.

It’s called the 7 Day Extreme Sports Package, by SaltyCrax – a noted operator for adventure travel junkies – and while it’s indeed a vacation, it’s not for pushovers.

Overview: The 7 Day Extreme Sports Package is exactly that – a week of extreme play, in one of the most beautiful setting on the planet, in which you’ll be trained in the basics of adventure sports in the air and on the ocean. That bodes very well if you intend to become a poly extreme athlete like some guy called Bodhi.

What You’ll Do: You’ll skydive, take surfing lessons, get kite surfing certification and even get some sand boarding in there. You’ll get some South African BBQ made the old-school potjie way. And, of course, you may get some partying with your extreme pals as well, though best leave that until near the end of the week. You’re in training, remember? Nudge Nudge.


The obligatory post-training Saltycrax hostel jacuzzi party. Because life is so difficult.

Why You Should Do It: South Africa is an adventurer’s wet dream, with bungee jumping, skydiving, diving, sand boarding, and some of the best big wave surfing on the planet. Ever heard of Jeffery’s Bay? Exactly.

Just as important, this is an excellent introduction to the basics of extreme sports. You’ll be a more accomplished athlete when the week is over, and have the foundation to go on to some intense surfing, skydiving, and a life of extreme play with the GoPro footage to go with it.

What’s Included: 7 days of extreme sports training in Cape Town, South Africa. That’s surfing, kite surfing, sand boarding and skydiving. Is it easy? Heck NO – but if you’re serious about becoming a poly extreme athlete, this is your classroom, and class is in session.

Adventure_Tour_SurfingYou’ll also have an expert guide. Transportation, accommodation and that kick-ass South African BBQ are all included.

Starts at: $1,379 CDN, which, when you consider food, accommodation and a week of extreme sports are included in 7 days you’ll remember for the rest of your life, is an exceptionally good value.

Book It Here: Follow this link and put ‘7 Day Extreme Sports Package’ in the search box. Make sure you book this tour – it’s an awesome value, in an amazing location, and trains you in the basics of extreme sports, for a lifetime of fun…and maybe even a little hedonism. Book it here.

A little teaser for you, from SaltyCrax – your hosts for the week.