Drunken Man Runs at Elephant

//Drunken Man Runs at Elephant

Um, yeah, let’s put this in the “it seemed like a good idea at the time” category. Combine a little liquid courage and male bravado (and nothing bad has EVER come of that!) with an 2000 pound beast standing around minding his own business and you’ll laugh and cringe simultaneously as our hero in this video, a rather tipsy Brian Masters (later identified as a safari field guide at Kruger National Park in South Africa), runs, trips and then scares away a confused looking elephant.

We shouldn’t be too quick to jump on this guy, as he paid the price (he got fired when the video went viral), and he did man up and take responsibility for it on Facebook once he sobered up. We’ve all done a few stupid things after a beer or two – yes? – and the elephant, though it ran away, hopefully survived the ordeal with little more than a chuckle at how unintelligent those human things can be.

Just, er, maybe opt for a guide that hasn’t quaffed a few beers next time you’re on safari.


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