Don’t Get These Songs in Your Head

/Don’t Get These Songs in Your Head

We’ve all been there – you wake up first thing in the morning to a “catchy” tune on the radio that reverberates through your skull like a stone in your shoe. Music can make or break you, I learned, a few years back when I was in the gym about to hit the bench press, in a certified “Do-Not-Mess-With-Me” angry mode, then, what comes blasting over the gym’s PA system?? Alanis Morissette. That killed my buzz. Stroll over to  The Worst Songs to Have Stuck in Your Head list, compiled by Steve Casamiro at The Adventure Life. Steve, just by looking at these songs, I truly feel your pain. With the exception of Bob the Builder because he’s cool.

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Steve Hutchings is an extreme sports blogger and adventure traveller with too much time on his hands. He loves shark diving and EDM/trance music. Also, he checks the stock market every 15 minutes.

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