The Devil’s Kettle Falls From Jennifer’s Body

//The Devil’s Kettle Falls From Jennifer’s Body
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    The real Devil's Falls Cauldron in Minnesota is actually the smaller fall in the top left. Source:

While it doesn’t go down as one of Megan Fox’s more bankable moments, her 2008 dark comedy Jennifer’s Body is an under-appreciated gem (in this dude’s humble opinion). One of the more pivotal elements of the film is the role of a waterfall that appears to empty into a bottomless pit, called Devil’s Kettle Falls, where she’s murdered, disposed of, and then mysteriously reappears at school several days later.

Hey, it’s a dark comedy.

The movie didn’t kill it at the box office despite clever writing and insanely awesome dialogue. Yet intermixed between teen angst and pissed-off sucubi there’s a nugget of truth; indeed, there really is a devil’s kettle falls, and it’s really in Minnesota where the film takes place.

More fascinating, though, is the fact that devil’s kettle falls really seems to be bottomless. Watch this video of the falls, and you’ll notice the east falls cascade down the Brule river. Yet the west falls empty into a caldron, after which they vanish – to only God knows where.

The Strange Phenomena of Devil’s Kettle Falls

Devil’s Kettle Falls are in Minnesota. They’re in Judge C.R. Cagney State Park, on the North Shore of Lake Superior and minutes from the Canadian border. The mystery around the falls centres on ‘The Devil’s Kettle’, about 1.5 miles (2.4 KM) from the river mouth, at a rock mass, where the water splits.

The east half flows down a two-step water flow and continues downstream. But the west is more mysterious – indeed, it’s an enigma worthy of any screenwriter from tinseltown. The issue is this: it drops into a cauldron, and then disappears.

Jennifer's Body is a 2008 dark comedy starring Megan Fox.

Jennifer’s Body is a 2008 dark comedy starring Megan Fox.

No one knows where, or how, it ends up at its final destination.

Presumably it re-joins the eastern flow or empties into Lake Superior. But it’s never been located, and the two most common theories about how it gets there are easily shot down.

The first theory is that it flows underground. This  makes sense. Heck, we’ve seen water carve out amazing features, like Son Doong Cave, in Vietnam. But there’s a problem with that; the rock in Minnesota is primarily rhyolite, which is much harder than limestone and not conducive to large formations.

The second theory – there’s a large lava tube that transports the water far underground. Yet this doesn’t stand either because the rhyolite rock formations here don’t form lava tubes, say geologists. You’d need basalt rock for that, and even then, the tubes would just make small fissures, and not the wide cavernous slant the river would need.

Indeed, it’s one of those weird cases where truth really is stranger than fiction. You can’t drop a GPS down there because the signal would cut out, and an action camera would simply smash on the rock below. Whatever your stance, it’s safe to say the mystery of Devil’s Kettle Falls has no clear answers. And that’s fine by me.

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