Creepy Travel: Mexico’s Island of the Dolls

//Creepy Travel: Mexico’s Island of the Dolls

Creepy travel don’t get a lot more creepier than a small island off the beaten path in the canals of Mexico City. The island is Isla De Las Munecas. If no ablo espanol, the title of this post may explain what’s so scary about this place that’s become something of an urban legend in recent years.

Yet, while its origins may be a little exaggerated, locals believe the thousands of inhabitants here turn their heads and watch you at night. And a little girl’s spirit looks right into you, from this sad, defective place just outside the second-biggest city on the planet.

Where Creepy Travel Meets Evil Barbie

Legend has it that the Island of the Dolls first came to be about 50 years ago when the island’s caretaker, Don Julian Santana, found a girl floating dead in the canal. Feeling obligated to help put the girl’s soul to rest, he started a doll collection, from trash cans and the canal, which he hung in the Island’s trees.

For a while, this seemed to work, and the island existed as sort of a gloomy shrine. But in 2001 Julian was found dead, floating in the canal in the same spot where he found the little girl.

Was it a natural death? Or was he murdered by the girl’s spirit, as locals say?

While his family says the backstory of the little girl never happened, this isn’t the Island of Misfit Toys from your favorite Christmas TV special. It’s a scary place, where mangled dolls with blank eyes and severed limbs look on lifelessly at the tourists who’ve increasingly frequented the island and made it a creepy travel destination since Julian’s death 15 years ago.

But they’re not lifeless, according to locals. They’re looking at you – eyeing you. And for a creepy travel experience you’ll take with you forever, visit the Island of the Dolls at Night. Enjoy the tour!

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