Chase Tornadoes On You Next Vacation!

//Chase Tornadoes On You Next Vacation!

Now this looks freakin’ cool. Some people do the beach gig for their vacation. Others do the cabin by the lake routine. Kudos to both. But personally, I like doing things that normally make people look twice and ask if I’ve lost my marbles. Of course I have…and that’s why I want to chase tornadoes for my next vacation! That involves traipsing across the mid-western states for about a week and searching for, what else, a tornado! Gee Toto I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore. You’re right Dorothy, we crossed the state line about five minutes ago and now we’re in Oklahoma, AKA Tornado Central.

Wanna chase tornadoes on your next vacation?

Seriously though, I love this idea. Most tours are based out of Oklahoma City, between May and September, which is when most tornadoes occur. And the central United States gets more twisters than any other spot on the globe. But, twisters can happen anywhere. Even in good old Nanaimo BC! Want proof? Check out this video, of a twister that formed on the Malaspina Strait. And here’s a link to Tempest Tours who, if you go on Trip Advisor, appears to be way up there in terms of spotting a tornado on every tour. I so wanna do this in about two years. The cost? Around $2500 for five days.

Anyway, video of a tornado near Nanaimo BC, which formed on water and is therefore called a waterspout. Tornadoes in BC. Too weird. But an interesting thought none the less.

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