Canadian Sharks in the News

//Canadian Sharks in the News

A very good read in the Vancouver Sun this week, in a five-part series about sharks in Canadian waters. Several years back, researchers were surprised to find a ‘hot-spot’ of over 10,000 sharks off the Queen Charlottes. According to researchers, many of the sharks were blue sharks, and over 28 different species of sharks swim Canadian waters, including blue sharks, salmon sharks, and of course my personal favourite, the great white (very rare in BC). That’s the cool news. The downer is that sharks are generally few and far between, not just in Canada, but world-wide, with some species decimated by over 90 per cent in the past 20 years. That sucks. Check out the series, and, for the issues facing the ocean’s top predators, and why losing sharks is devestating to the planet, and to humanity.

I guess you can tell that I like sharks?

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