Who BASE Jumped Trump Tower in Chicago?

//Who BASE Jumped Trump Tower in Chicago?

Two months ago, on a balmy June evening, three persons of interest made their way into, and up, Trump Tower in Chicago. They managed to get near the top of the building, cut the lock, and then fulfill every BASE jumper’s wet dream as they took a ‘shortcut’ back down to the street. Yeah, three mysterious folks BASE jumped off the Trump Tower, and managed to evade police as they disappeared into the night.

Call them ‘Trump jumpers’ if you will.

Fast forward to late August and our mysterious jumpers remain at large. The cops haven’t found them, and we can only presume they’re planning their next jump. Here’s hoping that no one gets hurt, people are mystified, and the spirit of Bodhi continues to captivate a few of us who dare to think big and do cool stuff.

Let me be very clear on something: I’m a law-abiding citizen. I don’t encourage anyone to break the law, and certainly put them – or bystanders – at risk.

But I AM for thumbing my nose at a society swathed in apathy. And not to speak low of The Donald, but jumping from Trump Tower is, you gotta admit, just about as cool as it gets. Long live the human spirit.


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