BASE Jump the GM Building

//BASE Jump the GM Building

I honestly think that beavers and BASE Jumpers have a lot in common.  A beaver looks at a pond and thinks “I am so gonna dam that pond.”  A BASE Jumper looks at a huge building and thinks “How quickly can I jump off that bad boy?”

Of course, the bigger the building, the better the rush…and bragging rights.  In this case, it’s the GM Building in Detroit.  I really hope you’re not scared of heights, cause when they pear over the top before they jump, it’s,uh, really f%$&ing high.  But that’s what BASE Jumping’s all about baby!

By the way, notice how they drive away in a Ford Truck after this amazing jump.  I really hope an executive from Ford sees this video, cause they’ll piss themselves laughing.  And you know what?  If I’m the CEO of Ford, I’m giving them a new Mustang for this!

Cojones, boys. You got brass balls.

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