BASE Jump Off Christ the Redeemer

/BASE Jump Off Christ the Redeemer

The picture says it all.  Daredevil Austrian BASE Jumper Felix Baumgartner scaled one of the largest and certainly most famous statues on Earth way back in January 1999.  What made this jump so spectacular was that this was the lowest BASE jump on record at the time.  At 95 feet, Baumgartner had just seconds after jumping to pull his chute.  The high jumps like Burj Khalifa might be sexier, but it’s low jumps like this that are riskier because there’s precious little time for the parachute to open before the jumper becomes road pizza.  This jump went down in history as one of the most dangerous, and most spectacular ever caught on film, and enough to make Environmental Graffiti’s The 5 Most Mindblowing BASE Jumps in History, and my own personal thumbs up.

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