5 Scary Amusement Park Rides That Killed People (Or Just About Did!)

//5 Scary Amusement Park Rides That Killed People (Or Just About Did!)

Rumor has it that test dummies emerged from the Cannonball loop waterslide with missing limbs...

One of my favorite lines ever was in an underwhelming rip-off of a movie, Hannibal, in which a seriously messed up billionaire passed off his extreme vulgarity with a simple “It seemed like a good idea at the time”. Not so different really than this list of 5 amusement park rides at scary amusement parks that were scary, cause they, well, they kinda like, killed people. The Human Trebuchet? Wouldn’t wanna be on the receiving end of THAT lawsuit!

The picture is of a decidely physics-defying loopy thing called the Cannonball Loop at the family unfriendly Action Park, the source of several urban legends, including test dummies that performed the slide and emerged with missing limbs. At least six people died at the park during its run from 1978 to 1996, and if there ever were an idea for a horror movie featuring a demented killer clown with a hook for a hand, Action Park would be it! But alas, Action Park, AKA Accident Park and Class Action Park has since departed us for that list of abandoned amusement parks that dot the nation.

Watch the video below that other grand idea that killed riders, the Human Trebuchet. PS – thanks Popular Mechanics! Er, why didn’t you folks chime up and help these folks develop some rides that didn’t kill people?

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