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If you want to see sharks in the near future, Black Friday 2019 might actually be a good thing.

Yup, I get it. You’re inundated with campaigns from mass retailers and Black Friday is, well, it’s Black Friday. But those savings aren’t just for TVs and Playstations – you can actually use Black Friday 2019 as a chance to save a lot of money on shark diving across the globe. These four live aboard shark diving tours have Black Friday discount pricing that might put you in front of Whale Sharks, Hammerheads and a variety of sharks you’d love to see.

Ditch the flatscreen. These Black Friday 2019 shark diving deals pack a lot of shark – and a lot of memories.

Okeanos Aggressor, Cocos Island – For Hammerhead Sharks.

Discount: 25%-40%

Read this post about where to dive with sharks and you’ll be familiar with Cocos Island, about 550km off Costa Rica. Why here? You’ve got a very good chance of seeing Hammerhead sharks at Cocos Island – potentially hundreds of them. Sadly, the demand for shark fin soup is a threat to their ecosystem around Cocos Island and in the Galapagos (yup, really). Swim with hammerhead sharks and you might find yourself more committed than ever to the fight for their survival.

Sharks You Might See: Hammerhead Sharks. Also Whitetips, and potentially Whale Sharks. Cocos Island is a shark-lover’s paradise. Hope we can keep it that way.

Boat: Okeanos Aggressor – a 33 meter liveaboard diving boat and one of the famous Aggressor fleet.

Tour: Cocos Exploration. This Scuba diving cruise is Snorkel-Friendly as well. Yup, that means you can potentially snorkel with Hammerhead Sharks.

Dates: December 2019.

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Whale Shark diving in the Maldives. Photo Credit/Epicly Good Karma to: Sebastian Pena Lambarri,

Maldives Aggressor II, Maldives – For Hammerheads, Whitetips, Whale Sharks

Discount: 40%

It’s the Maldives. It’s bucket list for divers and snorkelers alike.

Say what you want about Black Friday, but it’s a very good time to get shark diving deals. Among them, the ‘Best of Maldives’ diving tour on the Maldives Aggressor – one of the most luxurious dive boats at the Maldives, and a boat that really knows how to get you near sharks. If you’ve read this post on Whale Shark diving tours, you know the Maldives are a great place to see Whale Sharks. You’ve also got a good chance of seeing Hammerheads here, along with Whitetips and a variety of reef sharks.

Sharks You Might See: Whale Sharks, Hammerheads, Whitetip reef sharks and Nurse Sharks. You might also see Manta Rays and Tuna at the Maldives as well.

Boat: Maldives Aggressor ll – a 41 meter dive yacht that brings as much luxury to diving as it does expertise.

Tour: Best of Maldives

Dates: You’ll have to move fast with this – the 40% discount is for the December 15th tour (8 days, 7 nights. This tour is Scuba and Snorkel-friendly. As an alternative, if this tour is full, check Amba Liveaboard, which also does the Maldives this time of year and with a 33% discount for Black Friday).

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Longimanus is a liveaboard dive boat that specializes in Red Sea diving. Photo Source:

Longimanus, Egypt – For Shark Diving on a Budget

Discount: 10%

Egypt is surprisingly rich in shark life. You can see Hammerheads here, along with Oceanic Whitetips and Tiger Sharks, along with plenty of reef sharks as well. Of course, I’m talking about diving in the Red Sea, at three islands called Elphinstone, Daedalus and Brothers, each of which is a rich shark habitat.

There is a caveat to shark diving here: the currents can be strong. Daedalus in particular has strong currents and is best left to divers with with at least 50 dives under their belt. Still, it’s a great place to see Hammerhead sharks at a price that won’t break the bank. If you’re an experienced diver, this may be worth a look.

Sharks You Might See: Lots. They include Hammerheads, Silky sharks, Tiger Sharks, Oceanic Whitetips, Thresher Sharks and Grey Reef Sharks.

Boat: Longimanus – a 36 meter liveaboard dive boat in the Red Sea that makes diving here a lot of fun. There’s no shortage of luxury on Longimanus.

Tour: Brothers/Daedalus/Elphinstone

Dates: March-April 2020. You can also take variations of this dive tour with your 10% discount through until May.

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A Hammerhead shark at the Galapagos. Photo Credit: Galapagos Sky/

Speak With Each Boat For Details

So which of these is the best? That depends on your experience as much as your wallet. Both the Maldives and Cocos Island tours are snorkel-friendly and generally good for divers of most skill levels. Cocos Island has the best chance of seeing huge schools of Hammerheads. The Egypt dive tour is definitely the most budget-friendly of the three, and if you’re an experienced diver, and you’re in the region, this is a very good way to see a variety of sharks.

Please speak with each boat for details regarding itineraries, shark sightings and experience levels. Also confirm that you can snorkel on the Cocos Island and Maldives tours.

Also, note I am an affiliate of I’ll get a commission if you book a tour through any of these 3 tour links. Here’s a non-affiliate link to if you’d prefer to do that.

But do this though – Black Friday 2019 brings some very good value for shark lovers and, quite frankly, is an easy way to dive with and/or even snorkel with sharks in some of the best dive spots on the planet. Forget the new Playstation, friend. Do something epic this year.