This blog post has affiliate links to epic Big White accommodation that provides a world of value and maybe even the odd sweet hot tub. If you book a hotel, I will receive a commission at no additional cost to you. Opinions are my own and based objectively on what’s gonna make your skiing and/or snowboarding at Big White a 10 on the Epic Scale of Wickedness.

If you’re a powderhound, I don’t need to twist your arm to visit Big White. Finding good Big White Accommodation is another matter – you’ve got a variety of places to stay at the beloved ski-in ski-out resort with a 2549 foot vertical drop about 35KM from Kelowna.

Wow, that was a long sentence.

I could spend an equal amount of time telling you about Big White accommodation and the many factors you should think about before heading here and, blah, blah blah, you’re already nodding off.

Dude, I get it, so let’s cut the crap and get to the good stuff. These are 6 of the best Big White accommodation options you have at Big White, for pretty much any budget or lifestyle

Brevity rocks – and so do these places.

Big White (near Kelowna) has a good mix of beginner, intermediate and difficult runs. Photo Source:

Big White Accommodation Explained…

OK fine, so I do need to explain a little about the accommodation options you have at Big White. I’ll keep it brief though – promise. At Big White, you’re looking at this:

Hostels – Well, ‘Hostel’ – as in, singular. There is one hostel at Big White, and it don’t much look like that one out of a certain Eli Roth film. This is a good option if you’re light in the wallet.

Condos/Townhouses/Vacation Homes – Self explanatory. You’ll find many of thee at Big White, and they can be a good value in many situations.

Condo Hotels – These are hotels of condos (didn’t see that coming, did you?). Think AirBNB-type accommodation, but with the entire building made of units for that purpose.

Lodge/Hotels – These are your typical ‘ski resort hotels’, with traditional rooms and hotel amenities, like a cozy pub, swimming pool/hot tub, room service and all the bells and whistles you want on vacation.

So what we looking for in the best Big White Accommodation? Big White is a Ski In/Ski Out Resort. That means most accommodation is on the hill and you can just ‘ski-out’ of your room and head right to a lift to get your butt snowboarding that much faster.

That’s huge. But we’re also looking for extras, like a wicked hot tub and pet-friendly options.

And of course, we’re looking for something that won’t bitch-slap your wallet too much.

Shall we get to the good stuff?

1 – Sundance Resort – For A Mid-Range Hotel

Lobby at Sundance Resort Big White. Photo Source:

Accommodation Type: Hotel

One of the best-known values among Big White Accommodation, Sundance is a good starting point for those who want a little luxury with their shredding. Granted, you might want to leave the Ferrari at home (well, unless it’s a Ferrari FF – those are wicked in winter), but Sundance packs the amenities you want at Big White, with a fireplace lounge, outdoor pool and great proximity to the Big White ski lifts.

Bring Fido – Sundance Resort is pet-friendly. And book early (like, a year ahead), ’cause Sundance Resort books up quick.

Why it Pops:

  • Mid-Level Luxury
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Fireside Lounge
  • Nice Rooms
  • Pet-Friendly

Price Range: $300+/night

2 – Stonebridge Lodge – For Location and Luxury

A Luxury Chalet at Stonebridge Lodge. Photo Source:

Accommodation Type: Hotel

Stonebridge Hotel is where couples and families stay for comfort and cozy times. It’s got all the bells and whistles you want at a ski resort; nice pool, high-end bistro with a great selection of Okanagan Wines, private balcony – some with private hot tubs.

Granted, Stonebridge Lodge isn’t the cheapest Big White Accommodation, but at just 100 meters from the Bullet Express Chair Lift, it’s arguably the best ski-in-ski-out location at the resort. If you’ve got the budget, Stonebridge Lodge is definitely a keeper.

Why It Pops:

  • Very Close to Chair Lifts (Ski In, Ski Out)
  • High-End Suites
  • Great Amenities
  • Swimming Pool
  • Excellent Restaurant
  • Fast WiFi

Prince Range: $500/Night

3 – Urban Retreat Hostel – For the Budget-Conscious and to Meet Fellow Skiers

Accommodation Type: Hostel

Scared by the concept of $500/Night? You don’t need a platinum Visa card to enjoy Big White. Urban Retreat Hostel is proof of that – an urban hostel (natch) in the heart of Big White, with 90 dorm beds and 7 Private Rooms. There’s no swimming pool here, but there IS a kitchenette, free WiFi, Ski-In Ski-Out access to the mountain and the undeniable vibe that you’re chilling with a stoked crowd, many of whom you might shred with in the morning.

Why It Pops:

  • Beds Start at $38/Night
  • Cool Vibe
  • Great Way to Meet People
  • Ski-In Ski Out Access
  • Kitchenette

Price Range: $38+/Night

4 – Chateau Big White – For A Wicked Outdoor Hot Tub in a Small Hotel

Check-In At Chateau Big White. Photo Source: Booking,com

Accommodation Type: Small Hotel

Did you enjoy the budget-friendly Big White Accommodation we just reviewed? Good, ’cause Chateau Big White definitely ain’t no budget accommodation. This is luxury, friend, in a smaller hotel than the others we’ve reviewed so far. But if there’s one thing to know about ski resort accommodation, it’s that you get what you pay for.

With an outdoor hot tub, restaurant/bar, spa and at a 5 minute walk from Big White Resort Kids’ Centre, Chateau Big White brings a world of convenience wrapped in luxury a small(fish) hotel delights in delivering.

Why It Pops:

  • Outdoor Hot Tub
  • Kitchenettes in Each Room
  • Spa
  • Nice Restaurant/Bar
  • Super-Close to Chair Lifts

Price Range: $420+/Night

5 – 6375 Whiskey Jack Road – For Condo Living at Big White

6375 Whiskey Jack Road is a good option for condo living at Big White Resort. Photo Source:

Accommodation Type: Condo

Since when does an address (rather than hotel) qualify for Big White Accommodation? It does when it’s 6375 Whiskey Jack Road – a condo right in the thick of it and with all the trimmings of what you want for a ski resort. That means nice accommodation with a kitchen, shower/bath, balcony and sauna, along with ski storage and a 300 meter dash to Bullet Express Chair Lift.

This is a happy medium between luxury and hotel living. There’s a case for everything at Big White. Those in the middle will like the $250-ish price range per night.

Why It Pops:

  • Condo Living
  • Close to Chair Lifts
  • Sauna
  • Full Kitchen
  • Reasonable Price

Price Range: $250+/Night

6 – Treetops Ski Luxury Townhouse – For Groups That Want Luxury

Treetops Ski Luxury Townhouse is a good blend of luxury and value for groups of 5+ people at Big White. Photo Source:

Accommodation Type: Luxury Townhouse

The name pretty much tells you what to expect at Treetops Ski Luxury Townhouse. It’s a large townhouse, and a nice one at that, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, full kitchen, ski storage and, of course, the obligatory hot tub that makes Treetops Ski Luxury Townhouse a luxury party pad for groups and big families.

You can’t beat the location either, at 200 meters from the Telus Park Chair Lift.

At $2,300 CAD for four nights, this will likely be too large and extravagant for couples or single travellers. But for skiers at Big White with at least 5 guests, this is arguably the best Big White Accommodation for your money.

Why It Pops:

  • Spacious Luxury Townhouse
  • Excellent Value for Groups
  • Hot Tub
  • Close to Chair Lifts
  • Ski Storage

Price Range: $500+/Night

Big White has some of the best powder in North America. Photo Source:

FAQs About Big White Accommodation

Those are some of the highest rated Big White Accommodation options at Now, here are the quick answers to your questions:

Where Can I Find Pet-Friendly Accommodation at Big White?

You have several options., but Sundance Resort is likely the best.

Where Can I Find Big White Accommodation With Ski-In/Ski-Out Options?

Most accommodation at Big White is Ski in/Ski Out, and you can ski in and ski out to and from all the properties we’ve reviewed here.

Where Can Groups Get Good Accommodation at Big White?

If you’re on a tight budget, hit up the Urban Retreat Hostel. For luxury and excellent value, try the Treetops Ski Luxury Townhouse.

Where Can I Get Cheap Accommodation At Big White?

At $38+ CAD/night, Urban Retreat is likely the cheapest accommodation at Big White Resort. Treetops Ski Luxury Townhouse is among the most expensive, but when broken down among at least five guests, it’s cheaper than the other luxury accommodation properties listed here and with similar amenities.

Where Can I Find A Luxury Ski Chalet?

Check out Stonebridge Lodge or Chateau Big White. Like Idaho Ski Resorts, you”ve got plenty of luxury options at Big White!

What’s the Best Big White Accommodation?

That’s subjective, but based on amenities, value and sheer epic factor, I’d lean towards Stonebridge Lodge.

Where Can I Find Big White Accommodation Deals?

Book ahead – like 6 months. Accommodation at Big White is notoriously difficult to find in high season (AKA, November to March). The skiing is good here and the word is out. Still, there are deals to be had if you’re stuck without a room. Use the Big White Accommodation Deals finder to find a room (first priority) and at the cost you want (number two).

Look away – and enjoy Big White!