G Adventures Peru tours are among the hottest tickets in adventure travel at the moment. And why not? After decades of staying relatively low on the adventure tourism scene, the word is out: Peru rocks. It’s cheap, stunning, untainted, flaunts cultural gems like Machu Picchu and is arguably the best place on Earth to see Inca culture as it may have been some 500 years ago.

Of course, for all this, Peru is no Disneyland. You’re in the wrong place if you want CNN and WIFI with your morning double frappacino. That’s a good thing, yes, but even experienced backpackers acknowledge it’s easier to explore this ancient country with a guide who knows the region and can ease the sometimes discomfort of travelling in a land where it’s often required to pack your own toilet paper.

Enter G Adventures Peru tours, which takes adventurers in small groups through Lima, Machu Picchu, Arequipa and the jungles, deserts, beaches and sometimes nauseating but always stunning landscape of a country little changed since the time of Colombus.

Why G Adventures Peru?

G Adventures is the largest small group travel company on the planet. They’ve mastered the art of traveling in groups big enough to offer security and companionship and have a decidedly eco-friendly tint to their operations.

They also know Peru better than pretty much any company you can put out there; G Adventures Peru tours can be wild, cultured, daring, wet, dry, dizzying, joyous – sometimes at the same time. G Adventures Peru typically has a very low turnover of tour guides as well, which suggests they’re well-treated. And it has a strong network of local operators within Peru that can enhance and make your journey here one you’ll remember forever.

A G Adventures traveler interacts with the locals. Photo Source. adventures.com

A G Adventures traveler interacts with the locals. Photo Source: gadventures.com

You’ll also like that G Adventures uses guides that know the region intimately and ‘scouts out’ experiences in Peru that are safe, and shies await from activities that don’t cut it by western standards.

You may be curious about which G Adventures Peru tours is the best among the 20+ tours they have at the moment. Here are the top two, by popularity and number of positive reviews they get, along with a new G Adventures Peru tour that breaks out a little extreme sports in this unlikely adventure spot. Please note I am a Tour Radar affiliate, but I believe very strongly in G Adventures and their Peru tours. That’s why I recommend them – and you’ll get a 5% discount if you book through the links below.

If You Want: The Best of Peru

Try: Absolute Peru

Absolute Peru is the top-selling G Adventures Peru tour and one of the company’s best tours, period. You get a little of everything with Absolute Peru: machu picchu, Lima, Cuzco, sand boarding at Huachachina and swimming in Lake Titicaca.

You’ll see volcanos, amazing wildlife, experience the Andes, a home stay and get complete immersion in Inca culture for 21 exciting days of both wonder and celebration. G Adventures gives you an expert guide and squeezes the most of Peru’s cultural and natural diamonds into three weeks that guarantee you’ll know Peru intimately, as a changed and more well-rounded person.

g_adventures_peru_cuzcoThis is the best G Adventures Peru tour and, quite possibly, the best Peru organized travel experience you’ll find anywhere, from any operator. I’d book this one.

What’s Included: Meals and transportation in Peru (including one flight), accommodation in hotels and guesthouses (13 nights), an Amazon lodge, home stay and camping, 3 guides (your primary guide, one for the Inca trail and another for the Amazon).

You’ll see the best sites in Peru, including Machu Picchu, Lima, Cuzco, Arequipa, the Lines of Nazca and many, many more. You’ll also visit Ica and its famed wineries with this G Adventures Peru tour that packs a whole lot of bang for the buck and that, frankly, probably goes further than if you were to travel independently.

Your Discount: $174 – which you can use to buy a few locally crafted gifts (or wine!) if you like.

Book it Here: Follow this link, and put ‘Absolute Peru‘ in the search window to book this best G Adventures Peru tour and save a little money in the process.

If You Want: Trekking in Peru

Try: The Inca Trail

The Inca Trail is the second most popular G Adventures Peru tour. It’s a 7 day head-first dive into the Inca experience. Think ‘Inca Warrior’, because that’s what you’ll be at this end of this week, as you trek, hike and explore highlights including Cuzco, Machu Picchu and four other destinations that make The Inca Trail a top G Adventures Peru Tour.

While shorter than Absolute Peru, it’s very affordable, starting at just $1,315 CDN, and sprinkles highlights of Inca culture for those light on both time and money.

What’s Included: Meals, transport and accommodation. The latter includes 3 nights in a hotel, and three nights camping, which gives you the opportunity to stargaze in the Andes – an experience in itself.

Your Discount: $65.75

Book It Here: Follow this link and put ‘Inca Trail‘ in the search window. Remember, this is the tour you want to see Peru if you’re short on time and money.

If You Want: An Adrenaline Rush

Try: Peru Multisport

OK Bodhi. It’s not enough for you to see the highlights of Inca culture. You’d prefer to mountain bike the Inca Trail, kayak Lake Titicaca and more time on the ocean. You get that with Peru Multisport G Adventures Peru tour, which gets you Lima, Cuzco, Machu Picchu and the highlights you want, served with a dash of adrenaline that would make a believer out of even Ono Ozaki.

This is not one of G Adventures most popular Peru tours. It is one of the most rewarding, however, and your best choice for adventure travel in this beautiful region. Note you’ll want to bring extra cash for tips on this tour because your guides really go out of their way to make this a stunning adventure.

You can also add experienced on to Peru Multisport, budget permitting, like a visit to the Palamino Islands (amazing sea life here), a culinary tour and more time to gander along Peru’s hot spots.

What’s Included: 15 days of a Peruvian adventure. That includes meals, accommodation (10 nights hotel, 3 camping, 1 home stay), a guided tour of Machu Picchu, biking excursions through the Sacred Valley, kayaking on Lake Titicaca and plenty more – follow the link below to learn more about Peru Multisport.

Your Discount: $136.45 – use it to tack on a few extra activities in this most action-packed of G Adventures Peru tours.

Book It Here: Follow this link and enter ‘Peru Multisport‘ in the top right search window. And get on it – Peru’s an adventure, and one that will change you forever.