BASE_Jumpers_KL_Tower_PoolIf you’re looking to make a memorable entrance to a party, you’ve just been one-upped.

Yes, you’ve been upstaged by BASE jumpers/jump junkies John Van Horne, Matt Frolich and Andy Lewis in a jump performed in Kuala Lumpur that, simply put, might be the best party entrance you’ve ever seen..

Those with a deathly fear of heights need not to read further. But for the dude with a brass set of cojones and a security pass to the top of KL Tower, and a conveniently located pool party several hundred meters below, this is the stuff urban legends are made of.

Thank God we live in the GoPro Age!

3 BASE Jumpers Leap From KL Tower

The jump took place October of last year, as part of the KL Tower International BASE Jump Event (guess they figured BASE jumpers were gonna devirginize the tower anyway and make a few bucks out of it). The pool party, on the roof of a 34 storey hotel, was part of the festivities. But know one knew save our fearless BASE jumpers that anyone would *ahem* make such a splash.

Now about that video. KL Tower is high – really high – so if you’re not big on heights, you might want to cover your eyes until about 90 seconds in. I have to admit, I just about fainted when the first jumper high fives his buddies and jumped off the 1,099 foot tower.

For maximum nausea, or euphoria, depending on your perspective, maximize the screen at 1:15. You might set off your pacemaker if you have one.

Still, good risk is the kind that comes with big rewards, and there’s plenty of that here. You’re in on the fun – the second of the three BASE jumpers has his GoPro rolling. And his party entrance is, shall we say, one that notches big points on the epic scale, with plenty of high-fives, ‘F**-YEAHs!! and a few lovely ladies. We should all be BASE jumpers if it’s gonna turn out like this. I love it.