The scenario: you’re flying at 155 mph – fast enough to literally sound like an overhead jet – directly at a rock face in Roca Foradada mountains in Montserrat, Spain. Your target: a VERY narrow opening in the mountain that folks are calling “the Bat Cave”. If you make it, fame and serious bragging rights (and some cool video to show for it). If you don’t, well, it sucks to be you.

That’s the scenario. You’re either:

a) Jeb Corliss

b) Certifiable

c) A really, really good skydiver

d) Alexander Polli

I’d check items b, c, and d after watching this video in which European Base jumper Alexander Polli hits crazy speeds as he hurtles towards an admittedly tiny opening and prays to the Almighty that he gets it right. Well, he does. And the video adds yet further evidence to a growing list of “Why you should buy a wing suit”. Hint – any good supplier won’t sell you a wing-suit until you’ve earned your cojones as a skydiver.

This video brings memories of Jeb Corliss’s recent wing-suit dive through a mountain in China. Is there a rivalry developing here? Don’t know, but Alexander Polli scores points with an awesome video and a reputation as being one of the baddest wing-suit dudes in 2013.