What you’re about to see takes paraglide tricks to a new level of crazy.

Don’t even think about doing this without years of paragliding under your belt – and specialized training. But, if you check those boxes, and your current paraglide rush just isn’t doing it for you, you may like this.

It’s called debagging.

No, it has nothing to do with pulling your buddy’s pants down. It’s a paragliding trick that you’re about to see. And when done properly, it’s – shall we say – a kick in the ass like you’ve never had on a kite.

A Mid-Air Drop While You Paraglide

Debagging is an advanced paragliding trick, in which you’re at full height, cut away from your harness, and free fall. Then, you pull a secondary kite and resume your paraglide.

Basically, it’s a mid-air dive in which you ‘debag’ from your first kite and resume with your second. Experienced paragliders do it for an extra shot of adrenaline, and say there’s nothing like it. It’s a trick to do when they hit a wall and the buzz gets weaker.

Debagging is an advanced paraglide trick that will tweak your ride in a brief, yet monster-truck bitch-slap for adrenaline geeks who want bigger and faster. Watch the video below this post to see it in action.


Don’t Try This at Home…

I don’t need to tell you this is stupidly dangerous. As you saw in the video above, first time debagger Andrew MacGillivray drops from his first kite and pulls his second – and that starts a harrowing spiral in which he’s lost control. The good news is he gets it back, but it clearly illustrates how quickly things can get ugly while performing this advanced paragliding trick.

I’m stoked he recovered though, and he obviously had a good teacher, in Jocky Sanderson, who’s been paragliding for over two decades and knows his stuff.

So, are you down with debagging? Master the paraglide first. I wouldn’t even think about this with less than 5 years of paragliding experience. After that – and you know the risks – take a course with an experienced operator. Jocky Sanderson’s Escape Paragliding Adventures and Fly Sussex Paragliding are two UK-based paragliding schools that can help you learn this dangerous, yet completely enthralling paraglide trick.