Hey Crew,

Steve Hutchings here. I’m the founder and blogger for Abenaki (formerly Xtreme Canadian) and author of the Ozaki 8 posts you may have read.

I hope you enjoyed learning about these fascinating trials to Nature and much as I enjoyed writing them.

I’m emailing you now because I’ve decided to throw caution away and step up to the plate. I want to make something out of Abenaki that honours the teachings of Ono Ozaki.

No, I’m not going to try The Ozaki 8. But I’m going to do something similar: I am in the process of creating a business that will train readers like you in the ways of a poly extreme athlete.

The Ozaki 8 spoke to me, and I know it did to you as well. Now it’s time to commit and do something about it.

A Brand for Poly Extreme Athletes

A poly extreme athlete is someone who is proficient in multiple extreme sports. Photo Source: Wikipedia.com

Let me clarify a few things before we go further. I’m not going to get you to jump off Angel Falls. Nor am I going to strap you in a wingsuit.

And we’re not going to try the Ozaki 8 because you’d need 120 years of training to try it – and chances are you’d cap out long before you even tried the first ordeal.

You’ve got to be alive to live the teachings of Ono Ozaki :).

Instead, I’m talking about a brand for poly extreme athletes. Think surfing, snowboarding, kayaking and rock climbing, among others.

Abenaki is going to be a brand that creates poly extreme athletes. I’ve applied for a trademark. Now the work begins. My goal is to make Abenaki a maker of high quality extreme sports equipment, and offer extreme sports training through adventure travel.

It’s time to go full-on Ono Ozaki. I’m committing. Want to come with me?

Our First Product: A Bamboo Cotton High Performance T Shirt

Steve Hutchings is a Canadian extreme sports blogger, shark diver, adventure traveler and founder of Abenaki™

The first step in launching Abenaki as a poly extreme athlete brand is a line of activewear. I’m still working on the details, but the first product will likely be an ethically sourced performance t shirt.

You can wear it in the gym, on the street or out hiking with your buddies. It’s likely going to be made from bamboo cotton, so it won’t shrink much, won’t hold odors and will be very comfortable.

It’s going to last a long time too.

This is a prototype for Abenaki. It may look something like the shirt seen below. It will be emblazoned with the Abenaki logo.

As well, it’s important to me this first product pays a livable wage to whoever makes it, whether that’s in Canada, India or China.

There’s no point preaching about ‘giving back’ with the Ozaki 8 if we’re not prepared to do it for real.

Please Pre-Order This Shirt To Get This Started

This line of activewear is the first step in launching Abenaki as a poly extreme sports brand.

I need to know there’s enough interest before jumping into this. Specifically, I need 10 orders.

While this performance shirt will likely retail around $75, I’m going to let you in at a discounted rate because you’re one of the early adopters.

Abenaki is a brand for poly extreme athletes. Our first product is a bamboo cotton t shirt that may look like this.

If you go to GumRoad.com, and preorder Abenaki’s first performance shirt, it’s yours for $49.99.


Just follow the link and click that awesome button that says ‘I Want This’ and you’re good to go.

Please bear in mind this is just a preorder. Your credit card will not be charged unless I make the shirt.

You’re simply letting me know by doing this that, yeah, there’s enough interest in making Abenaki something the market needs: 

A brand for poly extreme athletes who can surf, snowboard, whitewater kayak and do some pretty raw shit.

And, in the tradition of Ono Ozaki, truly become a Master of 6 Lives.

Let’s do this.


Much Love,

Steve Hutchings
Founder, Chief Blogger,
Student of The Ozaki 8