DISCLOSURE: This blog post contains affiliate links to shark diving tours we’ve researched and think are pretty darn awesome. If you book a tour, we will receive a commission at no additional cost to you. As always, we strive to keep it real and highlight shark diving tours we think will really float your boat!

It was just a matter of time really before we got more active in the shark diving tours community. The roots for Abenaki started back in October 2007 when I endured weeks of ‘Shark Bait!’ comments from friends and coworkers before diving with great white sharks at Guadalupe Island.

Fast forward 12 years and an old saying keeps resonating: “Shit or Get Off the Pot”.

I’m stoked to say Abenaki is about to dip its toes as an active affiliate for several shark diving tours that may be of interest if you’re keen to dive with great white sharks as of 2019. And not just great whites – whale shark diving tours as well, along with other species that should stoke the fires of pretty much any shark lover.

How We’ll Promote Shark Diving Tours

Abenaki is now an affiliate with LiveAboard.com. They’re a dive operator that offers, primarily, live aboard diving tours.

As the name implies, that’s when you ‘live aboard’ a diving boat and, well, go diving, for anywhere from a single day to over a week.

The average great white shark tour at Guadalupe is 5 days.

It’s important to note we are now an affiliate for Live Aboard. That means we research shark diving tours and promote those we recommend.

If you book a tour we recommend, we’ll receive a commission – at no cost to you.

It’s also important to note that shark diving is, well, shark diving. As you likely know by now, sharks don’t go out of there way to eat people. Yes, even great whites. Still, any extreme sports come with inherent risks. I’m not aware of any deaths on shark diving tours at Guadalupe, Australia or South Africa.

But common sense. It’s their ocean, and anything can happen. Also note we don’t recommend careless shark diving for reasons we hope are obvious.

Should YOU Go Shark Diving?

That’s up to you. Abenaki started as an extreme sports blog back in 2010 after I spent a little time with the great whites of Guadalupe and the sharks of Hawaii.

Steve Hutchings diving with great white sharks at Isla De Guadalupe, October 2007. Hi Mom!

True to form, the shark diving scene has exploded in the past decade. Great white sharks will always be the Everest of shark diving tours. But there are over 300 species of sharks in the ocean.

Don’t ignore them. They’re the Hammerheads, Tiger Sharks, Whale Sharks and Bull Sharks, among many others – all of which would be nothing shy of an absolute thrill to see in person.

I can’t tell you if you should go shark diving. I CAN tell you there is nothing on Earth like making eye contact with a shark from less than two feet. Shark diving rocks. So where do you start?

Pull up a chair and let’s chat. It’s our job here at Abenaki to sell epic activewear AND help you navigate the many options you have among shark diving tours so you find the right one that packs value, fun, education, and most of all, something you’ll remember forever for all the right reasons.

Sharks rock!

How to Find Shark Tours

To find a shark diving tour, click the link provided to LiveAboard.com, then search for a shark diving hot spot and select your date range. The links we provide will be affiliate links that do directly to a shark-diving hot spot.

For example, to find Great White Shark cage diving tours at Guadalupe Island (about 260 miles south of San Diego), click the ‘Great White Shark cage diving tours ‘ link. You will be taken directly to LiveAboard’s Mexico tour selection.

Then, search for tours from August to November (the traditional White Shark diving season). This will take you to Guadalupe Cage Diving Tours.

Select your tour, book it, and voila! You’re good to go.

Note you do not need to be Scuba-Certified to cage dive at Guadalupe because you are breathing surface-supplied air.

We’ll expand on further shark diving tours and where to find them over the next 12 months. There’s an ocean of adventure beyond just Great Whites. But, of course, Great White Sharks are a great place to start – assuming you’ve got the cojones to give it a whirl.