OK this is impressive.

You can probably count on one hand how many snowboarders you can name who can do a double backflip. But an 8-year-old Canadian snowboarder did one this week in Quebec and the exploit has most folks saying he’s the youngest ever to pull such a feat.

Um, yeah dude. The average snowboarder probably can’t do a single backflip. And if he’s doing that at 8…he’s gonna shred the snowboarding world up something crazy.

The mini shredder in question is Eli Bouchard, who trains at Maximise Freestyle Performance Center in Quebec and tried his luck with several backflip attempts last week with no luck. But a heavy snowfall on the slope this week prompted her trainer to have little Eli try again – with plenty of snow to pad his landing.

A good thing too, because as you’ll see, he lands on her head several times before finally nailing his elusive double backflip.

Seriously, watch out for Eli Bouchard in about 10 years. This little dare devil is going places…