Play your cards right and these Amazon MREs could keep you fed anywhere from a day to a month.

Yes, I just said that, and yes, that’s important right now. An MRE is a ‘Meal, Ready to Eat’. They’re pre-made meals in a package often used by soldiers when they’re out in the field where they have no access to a conventional kitchen.

Do you see any parallels here, between COVID-19, and how Amazon MREs might be a hiker or poly extreme athlete‘s best friend?

Why The Heck Are You Blogging About Amazon MREs?

Well, I’m not sure if you’ve looked around lately, but these aren’t normal times. Just two short months ago, life was normal (well, as normal as it’s been in the past 5 years). Then some crazy little virus called ‘COVID-19’ came along and the rest is history.

Yet, if you read my post last week about how COVID-19 is kinda like the Ozaki 8, you might change your mind-set: from ‘Why is This Happening’ to ‘How Can I Grow From This?’.

Cue Amazon MREs, which won’t win any Michelin Stars, but can keep you well-fed, whether you’re in the forest or your backyard. COVID-19 is a chance for all of us to build our resilience skills and learn how to take care of our own well-being.

No, this doesn’t mean you need to hoard stuff (please DON’T do that). But it does mean COVID-19 is a chance for you to be resilient with your survival skills – for you and those you care about. And whether you love Amazon or hate every breath it takes, Amazon plays a key role in getting supplies to folks in this crazy time.

This Russian-Designed MRE is designed to sustain a soldier for 24 hours

Rating Amazon MRES: Our Criteria

Here’s what we’re looking for when we talk about Amazon MREs that might feed you in the next few weeks:

  • Should Last One Adult At Least 3 Days
  • Shelf-Life 3 Months or More
  • Easy Preparation
  • High User Reviews
  • Semi-Tasty

Sounds simple right? It is – but like many things on Amazon, it can be hard to tell the wheat from the chaff. Amazon MREs that check all these boxes can be hard to find. The good news? These ones do, so without further chit-chat, let’s dive in to these MREs that may sustain you and your family when the SHTF. (Survivalist term – look it up).

**Note** – Please speak with each company if you have concerns about food allergies in the MREs listed here, or consult with your doctor. These are affiliate links to Amazon. If you buy a product, I will receive a commission at no additional cost to you. This helps keep the site going – thank you and much love. Opinions are mine and based on my own research.

Mountain House Creamy Macaroni and Cheese – For a Tasty MRE

Mountain House Creamy Macaroni and Cheese is one of the most popular Amazon MREs and might feed one adult up to a week.

Meals: Pack of 6 Pouches (3 Servings in Each, 18 Servings Total)

Shelf Life: 30 Years

Rated: 4.5 Stars

When the SHTF, Mountain House MREs are a good option. They’re one of the biggest-selling Amazon MREs, and the Mountain House Macaroni and Cheese 6 Pack should definitely get a second look if you’re looking to be self-reliant for a while. It’s a freeze dried meal. Just add hot water and wait 10 minutes. Then, voila! – you’ve got a hot and tasty meal made ready to eat.

You’ll need a fuel source to heat the water. Try the Etekcity Ultralight Portable Camping Stove for a reliable stove under $25 – and don’t forget to get a pot.

This MRE has two further things going for it. First, the taste. Users report it’s a delicious meal. Second, it’s got a 30 year shelf life. Now factor in the reported 13 grams of protein in each serving and the Mountain House Macaroni and Cheese 6 Pack could be a reliable and pleasant way to hunker down for a while.


Mountain House Beef Stew – For an MRE With Beef

Mountain House MREs need a fuel source to boil water.

Meals: Pack of 6 Pouches (Two-and-a-Half 1 Cup Servings Per Pouch)

Shelf Life: 30 Years

Rated: 4.5 Stars

Allergens: Soy and Wheat

Look for Amazon MREs and you’ll quickly see Mountain House comes up a lot. That’s because of their taste and shelf life, along with arguably the best variety among meals ready to eat. After the Macaroni and Cheese kit, their Beef Stew is another favourite and a good option for meat lovers.

A word of caution – there is soy and wheat in this product, so consider that if you have food allergies.


Green Belly Meals 2 Go – For Gluten-Free High Calorie Backpacking

Green Belly Meals to Go Have Gluten-Free Options

Meals: Pack of 32 (Each Pack Has Two Bars, About 200 Calories Per Bar))

Shelf Life: Up to 6 Months

Rated: 4.5 Stars

You might want to have Green Belly Meals 2 Go if you hike the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail). They’re light, they’re convenient, they’re natural and they’re gluten-free. At roughly 200 calories per bar, and with two bars per pack, Green Belly can feed you belly in pretty much any situation – including pandemics.

You can buy packs of Cranberry Almond, Dark Chocolate, Mango Cashew Coconut, Peanut Apricot or a variety of these. There is a lot of nutrition here, and judging from the Amazon reviews, plenty of happy customers too. Available in packs of 4, 12 or 32. A pack of four alone may not feed you for 3 days, but 12 would for sure, and your family could join in on the fun.


Redcon 1 MRE – For High Calories From Whole Food Nutrients (No Whey)

Redcon 1 MREs are high in calories, which may help sustain you longer,

Meals: 25 Servings (4 Scoops Per Serving)

Shelf Life: Unkown

Rated: 4.5 Stars

You don’t have to cook to get good nutrition and calories to go with it. Redcon 1 MRE is proof of that – it’s very popular with bodybuilders for the nutrient density and the fact it’s made from whole foods. Redcon1 MREs offer a variety of nutritional options, which is very good to have when your supermarket options are limited.

The generous calories will help too. Each jar has about 25 servings, with four scoops in each of those. This ain’t no weight loss plan. But then again, when food is scarce, extra calories go a long way – literally.


Bridgford Pepperoni Pizza With Cheese – For a Pizza MRE

Pizza MREs may boost morale while you’re hunkered down.

Meals: 3 Pack (One Meal Each)

Shelf Life: One Year

Rated: 4 Stars

Bridgford Pepperoni Pizza with Cheese is just what it sounds. Well not quite – it will last at least a year and would be a good morale boost if you’re hunkered down for a few months, which appears to be likely at the time of this writing. This is a good MRE for hikers, backpackers and preppers alike. Manage your expectations – this ain’t no pizza from Papa John’s. But it’s simple and, it’s pizza.

You don’t need to cook or add water to this MRE. Just tear it open and you’re good to go.


*OPTIONAL* – IRPRUS Military MRE – To Be a Total Bad-Ass

IRPRUS MRE Kits are used by the Russian Military and are labelled in Cyrillic

Meals: 3 (3700 Calories)

Shelf Life: 1+ Years

Rated: 4 Stars

IRPRUS Military MRE is a 24-hour food supply used by the Russian Military. This is a day’s worth of food, with tins of beef and chicken, along with crackers, condiments, gum and matches. Packages are labelled in Cyrillic. This isn’t the most budget-friendly of Amazon MREs, but it’s the most convenient.

One box = a day of food, and with 3700 calories in each box, you’ll likely have leftovers. If it can sustain a Russian soldier, it can probably keep you going too. Bonus points: you’ll feel like a total bad-ass. You might not be happy, but you can sure feel tough!


Which Amazon MREs Should I Buy?

In a long quarantine, my first pick would be the Mountain House Macaroni and Cheese. That will likely last you the longest. The Redcon 1 MRE might be a good option too – it’s high in calories, and the fact that it’s made from whole food nutrients may offer at least a basis of nutrition.

For backpacking, Green Belly Meals 2 Go would be a good choice. And if your budget allows it, and you’d like to plan your meals in advance (and if they’re still available – supplies appear to be reduced at the moment), the IRPRUS Military MRE definitely makes things easy for you.

All of these Amazon MREs are worth a second look. While they’re not going to duplicate a home-cooked meal, they’re calories, and they taste fairly palatable. The Mountain House Macaroni and Cheese MRE should be your best pick for taste and value as we try to live through this crazy time.