So you’ve done a little surfing and you want to level up. I get that. The only way to earn your stripes on a surf board is out there on the waves. You could do that on your local break – or you could take one of these 5 surf camps for intermediates.

Why do that? C’mon mate, I don’t really have to twist your arm to learn to surf somewhere crazy exotic like Bali or the Gold Coast. Try one of these surf camps for intermediates and you’ve got both expert lessons and the built-in camaraderie of surfer dudes who earn a living while surfing some of the most epic spots out there.

You may find you return to your local beach a better surfer for your efforts. And of course, the memories you’ll have will put a grin on your face when you’re 80.

Surf Camps For Intermediates: The Criteria

So what are we looking for in surf camps for intermediate surfers? A little intensity, for one. That means a course of at least a week, and preferably longer. We’re looking for a spot that’s a little more on the demanding side. Not Nazare or Jeffery’s Bay – that’s  ape shit crazy.

Something that assumes you can stand up on a board and ride for a good 10 seconds. Think about one of these 3 surf camps for intermediates and we’re right in that sweet spot. Not novice, but not Garrett McNamara. That’s how we’re going to get better at surfing and have score a little travel while we do it.

Note these are affiliate links. I’ll get a small commission if you book any one of these tours. But I’m happy to recommend them because there are few things more satisfying than experiences – especially in an exotic location by sexy young folks who work and play hard.

These three tours pack a lot of bang for the buck. If you want a surf trip for intermediate surfers, these are your choices. You’ll get a discount as well.

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Vanimo, Papua New Guinea is renowned for some of the best waves on the planet. Photo Source: Limit Adventures.

If You Want: Awesome Waves & Exotic Travel

Try: Surfing Papua New Guinea

OK Bodhi. You can stand on a board and now you want to level up. You’re serious, and want world-class waves without the crows to go with them, and preferably in an exotic location. Here’s your first choice: Surfing Papua New Guinea – one of the best surf camps for intermediates out there. You’ll fly from Cairn’s, Australia (with some optional diving here) to Papua New Guinea, where you’ll do water sports at Vanimo and Kavieng. Both are in PNG

Your flight from Australia to Papua New Guinea is included – along with some of the best waves on the planet. If you really want to climb the ranks from beginner to intermediate, this one’s a keeper.

Location: Cairns, Australia (starting point – the surfing is in PNG), Vanimo and Kavieng, Papua New Guinea.

What’s Included: A lot. Your flight between Cairn’s and PNG, expert guide, 3 meals a day and surfing, surfing and – did I mention surfing in Papua New Guinea?

Starts At: $2,822 CDN

Offered By: No Limit Adventures

Book It: Go to TourRadar and put ‘Surfing Papua New Guinea’ in the search box.

If You Want: Intermediate Surfing in Eastern Australia

Try: 14 Day Find Your Mojo Surf Adventure

It’s hard to argue that Australia is not one of the best places on Earth to learn surfing. It’s harder still not to get better as a surfer when done over 14 days with instructors from Mojosurf Australia. Their 14 Day Find Your Mojo Surf Adventure is exactly that. You’ll split your time between their remote camp at Spot X and some epic fun and world-renowned Byron Bay. With all that, plus food and accommodation for two weeks in notorlously expensive Australia, this one’s for the bargain hunter.

Surf vacations are about more than surfing. Photo Source: Australia.

Location: Sydney, Byron Bay and Mojosurf’s remote surf camp at Spot X.

What’s Included: Meals, accommodation, transportation between surf locations, equipment, 9 surf lessons and the time of your life. Given how expensive Australia can be, you may find you actually save money as a backpacker with this tour – and you’ll get a discount on top of that if you book through this website.

Starts At: $1,785 CDN.

Offered By: Mojosurf Australia

Book It: Head to Tour Radar. Then enter ‘14 Day Find Your Mojo Surf Adventure‘. Do that – and have fun. Seriously, I envy you.

If You Want: To Get Really, Really Good as a Surfer

Try: Surf Development Course 4 Week Program

Any one of the surf camps for intermediates we’ve talked about so far will develop your surfing skills. But what do you do if you want to graduate? You go to College. Enter the Surf Development Course 4 Week Program at AST Surf College in Thirroul, Australia, on the east coast. This is designed to help you progress as a surfer, with diet tips, conditioning, weather patterns, surfboard design. It’s the real deal.

This is the most comprehensive of the surf camps for intermediates reviewed here. While you don’t have to be an intermediate when you start, you’ll likely be one at the end of the course – and of course, you’ll get some Aussie travel in on weekends. All work no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Must…Go…Surfing…Photo Source: Australia

Location: Thirrol, Australia, a bonafide Aussie surf town, about 13 kilometres north of Wollongong, and 69 kilometres south of Sydney. That’s the east coast of Australia (in New South Wales) for the geographically challenged.

What’s Included: Everything you ever wanted to know about surfing but were afraid to ask. AST Surf College ‘s Surf Development Course is 4 weeks of surfing, conditioning, food, 28 nights accommodation and an express route to intermediate surfing – or higher.

Starts At: $3,210 CDN. That’s a lot, there’s no question. But when you consider how much you’d otherwise drop in Sydney over four weeks, it’s a flat-out bargain. Factor in the surfing lessons and the fun you’ll have and the Surf Development Course 4 Week Program by Australia Surf Tours (AST) is looking better by the minute.

Offered By: Australia Surf Tours

Book It: Head to TourRadar. Now enter ‘Surf Development Course 4 Week Program. Remember, you’ll get a discount if you book through this link. Then get your butt Down Under and start surfing!