**Update – January  2019 – Sadly, it is far too dangerous to visit Venezuela at the moment for any purpose, let alone adventure travel. Please put off that dream Angel Falls tour and/or travel to Venezuela for the foreseeable future**

Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world and played a key role in Point Break 2015. It’s here that Bodhi and Johnny Utah completed arguably the final two and arguably most dangerous Ozaki 8 trials. But you don’t have to jump off a cliff to appreciate this stunning natural wonder. Just take one of these three Angel Falls tours and you’re in good shape to enjoy its beauty – and come home from it too.

That’s always a good thing…

Adventure Travel of the Point Break Variety…

So what are we looking for among the many Angel Falls tours you can take to explore Canaima national park in Venezuela? Experience for one – we want an operator with lots of positive reviews for in-depth experiences in this mysterious corner of the globe.

You can certainly do an Angel Falls tour from a local operator. That works for some people, but these smaller operations typically specialize in one area – getting you in and out of Canaima national park – and don’t always meet the standards of your western traveller doing Venezuela for the first time.

Exodus Travels is one of the best Angel Falls Tours for 2017.

Exodus Travels is one of the best Angel Falls Tours for 2017.

We also want value. You work hard for your money, and travel’s not cheap. The ‘epic factor’ needs to be strong on this one: think a great balance of cultural activities and ecological eye candy in the jungles of Venezuela. Accommodation should be good, along with food, camaraderie – and a guide who knows the region and is committed to making your trip one you’ll look back on years later with nothing shy of a gratified grin.

In short, we want an experienced operator with great reviews, even better food, accommodations, transportation and value for the buck. Want to see Angel Falls in 2017? Do it with one of these kick-ass Angel Falls Tours for an amazing experience. Book it through the following links and, who knows, you might even get a discount…

If You Want: The Bodhi Experience

Try: The Lost World & Angel Falls

The Ozaki 8 is a series of ordeals that honour the forces of nature, and which culminate at Angel Falls in Venezuela. This is the single best tour of Angel Falls, Canaima national park and the ecological wonders of Venezuela you can do in my opinion. The Lost World & Angel Falls tour is offered by Exodus Travels.

The Ozaki 8 gives meaning to Bodhi in the new Point Break.

The Ozaki 8 gives meaning to Bodhi in the new Point Break.

You’ll start in Caracas, trek the absolutely stunning Mount Roraima and do that mystical boat ride up the Churun river, that sets up your first glimpse of Angel Falls through the morning clouds.

It’s 14 days through the ecological wonders of Venezuela, and one that could make you fall in love with the jungle forever. You’ll feel that uncontrollable urge to fight for the planet after these two life-changing weeks. Domestic flights are included too – a nice break from the tedium of long bus rides.

Note you’ll have to book this tour between June and December (the wet season) to see Angel Falls, like all the other Angel Falls tours we’ll review here.

What’s Included: Accommodation, meals, expert guide and transportation in Venezuela, including domestic flights.

Your Discount: $175.45

Book it: Follow this magic link and type ‘the lost world angel falls’ in the search box. It’s the one at the top with the most review stars from happy clients.

Mount Roraima in Canaima national park is another highlight of Venezuela.

Mount Roraima in Canaima national park is another highlight of Venezuela.

If You Want: Refinement

Try: Venezuela Independent Journey

I’m not sure if Bodhi ever slept in a fancy hotel, but you definitely won’t be slumming it on the Venezuela Independent Journey tour. This is an Angel Falls and Venezuela tour for the person who likes the creature comforts. That’s parlance for ‘flights’ and ‘hotels’ rather than busses and guest houses. No one ever said Angel Falls (and the rest of Venezuela) can’t be comfy.

This tour does get you more time in some of Venezuela’s most stunning scenery. You’ll do a lot of animal watching on the Venezuela Independent Journey – and the food ain’t so bad either.

What’s Included: 12 days of Venezuela from the comfort of a hotel, plane, boat and private vehicle. You’ve got an expert guide too, like all of these Angel Falls tours. Your meals are included.

Your Discount: $495

Book it: Follow the link and put ‘Venezuela Independent’ in the search field in the top right of the screen to see Angel Falls and highlights of Venezuela in the intimacy of a small group with an expert guide and great lodging. You’ll get a $495 discount if you book it through this link.

If You Want: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and The Amazon (and a Big Party)

Try: Manaus to Quito (50 Days) Venezuela and Colombia Overland

You get a whole lot of South America with the Manaus to Quito 50 Days tour. Think Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia and even Ecuador. Total time: 50 days. Total stops: 24, along 5,778 kilometres of the South America you dream about, including Angel Falls, Quito, the wetlands of Llanos and even some adventure sports along the way.

You’ll hike, swim, zipline and possibly even go white water rafting, among other extreme sports. You’re traveling by bus, yes – but that’s a good thing because it keeps costs down if you’re on a budget. This trip won’t hurt your wallet, and arguably packs the most value for your money of all the Angel Falls Tours we’ll discuss in this review.

What’s Included: 50 days of travel through Brazil, Venezuela (yes, that includes Angel Falls), Colombia and Ecuador – and enough fun memories to make tour worth booking now.

Your Discount: $115.95

Book it: Follow the pretty link and type ‘manaus to quito 50 days venezuela’ in the search window. Note this tour tends to sell out quickly, so if you see seats available it’s best to book fast.